Lights In My Head

With the release of “Lights In My Head” a record produced by Mj Nichols, Dutch the Dreamer is taking viewers along with him for a walk through of his inner psychadelic mind as he explores his hallucinations and the coming down of his high. This is the first video released off his upcoming project “Eleutheromania” to be released in September 

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Dutch’s Dreams


Check out Dutch the Dreamers Interview with “The Den” a local music blog out of Meriden CT

Originally posted on The Den CT Local Music:

Dutch's Signature on a Radio Station wall in New York Dutch’s Signature on a Radio Station wall in New York

A few weeks ago, The Den had the pleasure of sitting down with one of Meriden’s prominent rappers Dutch the Dreamer.  Dutch stopped by one afternoon to answer some questions and get his new music out there for the people to hear. We sat around for a little while and made some small talk such as brief analysis and opinions on the new Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, and Modest Mouse albums that had been released earlier in march. After shooting the breeze about current music and whatnot we sat down and got to the real stuff.

CT(The Den CT Local Music): So, I would like to formally start by asking you about the bands and musicians that you’ve been influenced by the most in terms of your own creation.

DD(Dutch the Dreamer): It all kinda started with less of hip hop…

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Pilot Talk 3 Tour with Curren$y 

Dutch the Dreamer will be featured as an opening artist on the Pilot Talk 3 Tour with Curren$y. Catch Dutch at the Legendary Toads Place in New Haven CT, March 31st & in Providence Rhode Island at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, April 1st. Dutch’s sponsor The Highest Culture will have merch available at both shows! Come rock out with Dutch and his crew prepare to have one smokey night! 


Check out the new track “Vibe” produced by CMbeats with guitar by Giovanni Piscitelli, this is one of the new songs I worked on during the sessions at RiverTree this song will be featured on my next project and will have a visuals to go along with it soon as well enjoy the vibe!

Insomnia Official Mixtape

I started recording Insomnia with an entirely different mindset than i had at the finish of it. In late 2013 me and my team got together and started renting a recording studio in Downtown Meriden. I spent so many sleepless nights in this 200 square foot room making music till I couldn’t anymore. I wanted to express my inability to sleep because I was so dedicated to making this music, this exhausted me and eventually I became deeply depressed and didn’t want to make music anymore, I was lonely, I wasn’t being very social at all. I’ve been dealing with depression since a very early age and I like to tell myself that I’ve beaten it but everyday is another struggle and it always lingers in me but during the insomnia sessions it was different. I lost a friend very close to my family and I was broke, I thought I was defeated all I had to my name was a collection of songs. Something told me just to trust those songs and keep pursuing my dreams. I started doing shows to build my confidence and eventually I hit a point when I realized that everything in your life is dependent on you and your mindset. I decided to name the songs after different sleep related terms to describe the mindset I have in each song. My goal with music is to make me feel free not trapped, so i set my mind free and “Insomnia” is the result. I want to show people that you make the rules, you’re in control and depression can be beaten, I do this for the kids that lye awake at night overthinking, constantly beating themselves up mentally. I just want the world to realize that we are free, we are just floating in space with all the Universes energy running through us. This is Insomnia, this is what helps me sleep at night, this is me. A big thank you to all my friends, family, and fans that have helped me get to the point I am at now, in my career and in my life it means the world to me.

So to finish it off I ask that you listen to the album all the way through start to finish and that you enjoy yourself while listening to it.

Much love – Dutch the Dreamer